This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For additional questions please contact us >

What is the difference between the black and the silver bolts?

The black bolts you are sent are A325 bolts and the silver bolts are A307 bolts. A325 bolts are much stronger and are used in conections that require more strength.  The drawings that you will receive will have connections that require A325 bolts as designated.

Is there a limit to how big a Clear Span building can be?

Typically a clearspan can go as big as 300 ft., but this is not a physical limitation, it is usually a financial limitation. A clearspan can be made as large as you need it to be.

Is a Metal Building air tight? Water tight?

Metal buildings are water and air tight.  They can be insulated and the interior and exterior can be finished with any traditional building material.

Can my buildings be engineered for different siesmic and snow loads?

Yes, every building is engineered for the specific seismic and snow loads for the area in which it is to be constructed.

How durable is metal sheeting?

We coat your sheeting with the Rb3 Premium Coating System, this is a 40 Year High Durability Coating.